JERO TR 6" Beef Skinner

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  • High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade Heat Treated To 56 +/- HRC
  • Machine Ground Edge For Even Edge Angles
  • Ergonomically Designed Double Injection Molded On Handle
  • Soft Grip Outer Handle Layer For Added Traction
  • Blade And Tang Designed To Improve Balance And Performance
  • Since 1983 JERO Has Been Manufacturing Products In Benedita, Portugal
  • Blade Length: 6.25"

The Pro Series TR, or TR Series by JERO represents years of research, development and testing to design and produce a quality knife that was comfortable to use, while providing control and blade durability.  The handle design allows for a comfortable grip at various hand locations, so whether you hold the knife traditionaly; hold it towards the front of the handle over the spine, or hold it backwards with the thumb on the end of the handle, the TR handle will fit your handle securely allowing for better control and safe operations.  The handle features a double, or dual injection molded on process.  The handle is built around the blade and tang to form a seamless, and strong bond between the blade and handle.  The first layer is constructed of name brand commercial grade polymers that form a hard and dense structure that hardens on the blade and tang.  The next layer is constructed of a rubber like polymer that is injected under pressure around the first layer, forming a seamless bond between the two layers.  Unlike other brands of soft grip knives, our process of pressure injection of the second layer greatly reduces peeling of the soft grip polymer - it is a  more expensive process of soft grip manufacturing, but one we believe is necessary to produce the highest quality soft grip handle.  Handle polymers are impact and temperature resistant.  Blades are constructed of high-carbon stainless steel, with most of the steel coming from European manufacturers such as Germany.  Our steel is the same, or very similar steel used by all the major European, high end and professional grade knife brands, especially those out of Germany and Switzerland, except by having lower labor and operating costs in Portugal, we can provide that same high quality level at a lower price point.  JERO knives are used around the world by commercial meat and food processing establishments, as well as professionals in the food service, grocery, fishing and agriculture industries.  The TR Series is a workhorse of a line with many different blade styles to meet our customers' needs. 

Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Does not cover normal wear, or abuse, and does cover damage resulting from inappropriate use. Dishwasher safe away from heating elements. For many household dishwashers, the heating elements are on the bottom, so it is best to place these knives on the top shelf. For longer life, hand washing and drying is best and will keep your knife in better shape and sharper longer. If using an electric sharpener, be careful to not overheat the blade, which can cause the metal to become brittle. Handles are temperature resistant, not temperature proof, so very hot surfaces such as grills can cause some handle damage. Handles are impact resistant, but not impact proof, so using an impact tool such as a hammer on the handle can cause damage.