JERO 10" Fine Cut Packinghouse Steel

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  • JERO 10" round fine cut steel manufactured from hardened and corrosive resistant steel to ensure the rod is hard enough sharpen forged knives, but also durable enough for the hard environments of commercial meat processing facilities. The packinghouse steel was designed and constructed for the use and abuse of commercial work areas, but is perfect for both home and restaurant use.
  • Handle is constructed of commercial grade, impact and temperature resistant polymers that are developed to resist harsh work conditions around acid, commercial cleaners, blood and other organic materials. The handle is round in design for easy grip, and reduce wrist strain. A heavy-duty stainless steel hang ring is attached to the end. The rod also has a longer tang that is inserted into the handle to create a strong handle and less separation between the handle and rod when put under pressure.
  • The packinghouse steel was designed for commercial meat processing. To meet the demands of workers in the meat processing industry the steel has key features: JERO specific coating and hardening; smaller diameter to safe weight when wearing; long rod insertion into the handle for improved strength; round handle design for less strain; fine cut rod for not just honing of edge, but also removing burrs and improving sharpness; stainless steel hang ring, and smaller finger guard for decreasing weight.
  • Rod length is 10" - Fine Cut Grooves Down The Rod - Impact And Temperature Resistant Handle - Made In Portugal by JERO
  • Since 1983 JERO has manufactured high-quality knives, sharpeners and tools for industrial, commercial and home use. Some of the largest and best known brands in the world depend on JERO to produce quality products for them. Today, JERO is a leading global brand and used by some of the largest meat processing facilities and restaurant chains.
Lifetime guarantee against defects when used as designed. Misuse and abuse is not covered. Normal wear is not covered.