DIAMMARK German Made 10" Oval Solid Core Diamond Sharpener

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  • Diammark 10" Diamond Coated Sharpener
  • Commercial Grade Construction
  • Durable Poly Handle
  • Premium German Made Series
  • 10" Oval Sharpening Area
  • Impact and Temp Resistant Handle
  • 0.75" Width - 9.2 oz Weight - 15.25" Overall Length (not incl. loop)
  • German Made

The Diammark diamond sharpener was designed and manufactured for commercial use and abuse. Manufactured in Germany, the Diammark diamond sharpener has features only seen in diamond sharpeners twice the price. Diammark is an Arkansas based company. Designed in the US and manufactured in Germany by a leading sharpening steel manufacturer. Diammark products are built for professional use.

Features: 1. State of the art synthetic impact and temperature resistant handle conforms to the shape of your palm; 2. Handle is ergonomically shaped for comfort and features a finger guard for safety; 3. The core of the sharpener is a solid piece of chrome-vanadium steel and therefore is stainless; 4. Additional hard chrome plating gives the surface even greater abrasion resistance; 5. The diamond particles feature a particular shape to ensure optimal honing of the knife edge; 6. The extremely fine granulation guarantees a smooth, sharp and durable knife edge; 7. Up to 2 million diamond granules are coated onto the sharpener; and 8. The sharpener is unbreakable under normal commercial use, making it safe in food preparation environments.

Diammark diamond sharpeners use monocrystalline diamonds, which are more durable and provide a more consistent sharpen than the less expensive polycrystalline diamonds.

Rod length is 10", oval shape. Oval shape provides more contact surface to help aid in the sharpening process.

Diammark sharpeners come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship, when the sharpeners are used as designed. Misuse and abuse will not be covered.

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