About Us

Since 1983 JERO has manufactured professional and commercial grade knives and tools for the meat processing, food service, grocery, fishing, and agriculture industries, as well as been a leading designer and manufacturer of quality cutlery for home use.  Many well-known brands around the world have depended on JERO to manufacturer quality products.  Today JERO is a leading high-quality knife manufacturer, with growing sales around the globe, especially in the Americas, where JERO is quickly gaining market share online, in retail stores and with commercial accounts both small and very large.  Unlike many brands, JERO is an actual manufacturer with a modern, and expanding factory in Portugal, where dedicated employees work hard to design, develop, manufacturer and ship quality products for both professional and home use.  JERO is well-known for their design team of creators and engineers that stay ahead of other brands in the use of both modern materials and modern production techniques to ensure JERO customers have products that exceed expectations and can withstand the use and abuse of commercial work environments.  JERO America is the exclusive distributor for JERO products across the Americas and many other countries.  JERO America's offices and warehouses design products, build the brand, market and provide storage and shipping services for both corporate JERO and JERO customers.  JERO America is a division of Diammark, Inc., a Clay family owned and managed company with locations in Texas and Arkansas.  Since 1980 the Clay family has provided quality products and services to customers both locally and around the globe.  Today, manufactures and brands from within the US and internationally depend on Diammark, Inc., to manage, promote, sell and distribute their products.  Our reputation for superior services, honesty, and dedication to our partners has kept brands with us for several generations.  The JERO America webstore is your place to purchase JERO products direct.  If you are a commercial account, reseller, or an individual looking to purchase in volume, contact our customer service and request information about how to become a commercial account and receive commercial pricing.